Health News

Kids with Crohn’s Have New Exam Option
Concerns about radiation exposure to children with stomach trouble is a thing of the past. More options are available to examine children with inflammatory bowel syndrome or Crohn disease.
Defining Wheat Sensitivity
Wheat sensitivity may show up as nausea or in bowel problems. A recent study found that some people with wheat sensitivity had symptoms more like celiac disease, while others had symptoms more like a food allergy.
Improving Quality of Life with IBS
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be difficult to manage. Some IBS symptoms can limit your social and work activities. Some medications may enable patients to live a fuller life.
Radiating Health with Digestive Issues?
For people suffering from digestive disorders, medical testing and scans can become a regular practice as doctors attempt to evaluate and diagnose the nature of their problems.
Inflammation, Bacteria and Colorectal Cancer
Trillions of bacteria - that's right trillions with a "t" - are found inside the lining of the colon. When inflammation enters the picture, that's when trouble can start. The bacteria and inflammation can team up and become a deadly duo.
Pain During Sex Linked to IBS
It's not just that they're not in the mood. Millions of women experience pain during sex due to a painful vaginal condition. And many are likely to suffer from other chronic pain conditions.
IBS Drugs With Fewest Side Effects
As many as one in five people have irritable bowel syndrome, a chronic disorder that can bring about abdominal pain, gas and bloating. Some IBS drugs, however, cause adverse reactions.
Shingles Vaccine Safe for More Patients
People taking immunity-suppressing drugs are currently advised against the live-virus shingles vaccine because there is concern that it could lead to shingles, for this population.
Adding Fiber Changes Your Critters
There's a small group of scientists very concerned about how the huge changes in what we put in our mouth over the last century has changed our guts.
With IBS, What You Eat Matters
When you talk about irritable bowel syndrome, diet has a way of entering the conversation. It's been shown that certain foods trigger uncomfortable symptoms – but which ones?