Health News

Medications and Driving: Safety First

Many people were not aware that their prescription drugs could impair their ability to drive safely, a new study found.

The Burden of Opioid Misuse

A large portion of people who used opioids reported misusing them, according to a new study.

Opioid Prescriptions: A Persistent Problem

Despite an overall decline in the number of opioids prescribed during the last nine years, the amount remained high, according to a new report.

New Breast Cancer Rx Class Gets Good Review

A new class of breast cancer medications appeared to have manageable side effects for most patients, according to a new study.

Why Some Stroke Survivors Skip Their Statins

Concerns over side effects may cause some stroke survivors to not take the statins they're prescribed, a new study found.

Choosing the Right Depression Rx

Taking an antipsychotic medication may be more effective than switching to another antidepressant in treating depression, a new study found.

Why Some Women Don't Take Their Breast Cancer Rx

Some women who faced a high risk of breast cancer did not take a preventive medication because they confused symptoms of aging with side effects, a new study found.

Blood Thinners: Are You Getting the Right Dose?

Some people taking blood-thinning medications might be getting the wrong dose, according to a new study.

The Rx That Could Prevent Countless Strokes

Many patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) may not be receiving medications that could help keep them from having a stroke, a new study found.

Sticking with Statins After Heart Attack

After a heart attack, many patients may have trouble sticking to their high-intensity statin regimen.