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A Heart Test to Save Athletes' Lives
Could a relatively simple test for heart abnormalities save athletes' lives? Recent research suggests that it might.
Kids Don't Run Like They Used To
No activity is more familiar to children than running: running on the playground, down the street, in races or though the house. But kids today may not run like they once did.
Top Ten Articles of November
Righting a Wrong Heartbeat With Weight Loss
The hearts of people with atrial fibrillation beat too fast, which can cause serious and sometimes life-threatening problems. Weight loss might help some patients correct that heartbeat.
Fitness May be Key for Heart Disease Patients
Fitness is important to many people, but new research hints that it might be an issue of life or death to some patients with heart disease.
Walking Away From a Stroke
Exercising is a key part of staying healthy, but you don't always have to sprint to reap the benefits. New research shows that leisurely walking may have significant health advantages.
Weight Loss Plans for Healthier Hearts
Extra weight can put patients at risk for developing serious health problems. New guidelines by the American Heart Association (AHA) recommend that doctors help their patients find a weight loss plan that works for them.
AHA: Healthier Diet and Exercise for a Stronger Heart
Making healthy lifestyle changes can help reduce the risk of developing heart disease. New guidelines from the American Heart Association (AHA) show specific ways to eat and exercise for a healthier heart.
Sudden Death During Sports Still Rare
While physical activity is generally good for the body, vigorous sports activity can be risky for untrained people. The risks for women may be pretty rare, at least where the heart's concerned.
Gardening for Better Health
The benefits of high-impact exercise, like running, swimming and biking, is well documented. Recent research suggests that less active non-exercise activities may provide significant health benefits as well.