Health News

Walk to Work for Your Heart
Besides saving money on gas and avoiding traffic jams, walking or biking to work may have considerable health benefits.
Pregnant Moms Breakin’ a Sweat
High blood sugar among pregnant women can increase the risk of birth complications.  Exercising during pregnancy may be a way to reduce the risk of high blood sugar in the second and third trimester. 
Diet, Exercise and Matters of the Heart
Diabetes patients who are overweight or obese are often advised to lose weight. Doing so may not only help them control diabetes, but can also protect the heart. But is that protection long-lasting?
When Workouts Can't Burn the Sugar
Exercise has been known to help prevent type 2 diabetes. But certain patients with the condition might not get the same results as others.
For Diabetes, Some Need More Exercise
To stay fit, people are encouraged to work out at a moderate intensity level several times a week. Even with the same duration of exercise, some might not benefit from this regimen.
Exercise: Spread It Out Or All At Once?
Many Americans may find it hard to fit exercise time into their busy schedules. But if they can free up just a few hours each week, they may get all the exercise they need to avoid some serious health problems.
Lost With Newly Diagnosed Diabetes
If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you should make many changes to your lifestyle. Unfortunately, patients who are newly diagnosed with diabetes may not be getting the information they need to make these changes.