Health News

Helping Teens Realize: People Can Change
Teenagers aren't exactly known for their level-headedness. Some can develop patterns of hostility or aggression. But a simple lesson might help change those patterns.
When Mom and Dad Play Favorites
While most parents try to treat all their children with the same attention, some will play favorites. The child left in the cold may suffer emotionally, but so might the "favorite" child.
HIV Patients Need Friendly Health Care
Sticking to a prescribed treatment plan is key for HIV maintenance, but many patients find it hard to get into the swing of things. Doctors and pharmacists may be able to help with the transition.
Does It Get Better? Kind of
Gay and lesbian role models often tell gay and lesbian youth that it gets better as you get older. Is it true? Well, there's good news and bad news.
When High School Really IS Depressing
There is no shortage of teenagers who will tell you their high school is a depressing place. But some of them may be on to something.
Would You Like a Piña Colada?
It’s no secret that compatibility is an important part of any successful marriage. Is compatibility also important when it comes to drinking? Spouses who share similar drinking habits may get along better.
Abuse May Impact Cancer Battle
Beating cancer requires the patient to feel support from all sides. Taking into account a history of abuse may help healthcare professionals improve quality of life during treatment.
Winning Relationship Strategies
What’s the secret to a great relationship? It may not be all that complicated, but rather an issue of a few strategic acts. A little of the right kind of effort can go a long way.
Apples and Oranges! Happy Happy Joy Joy!
If you really are what you eat, then what foods make the difference? Apparently, apples and oranges and broccoli and beans – if you want to feel calm and content each day.
Using the Mind to Reduce Inflammation
If you're in pain, you probably don't feel great. If you're emotionally frustrated or upset, it can make your pain worse. So then how do you break the cycle?