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When Peanuts Become Weapons
"Hey little Johnny! Want some peaaaaanutttts ? They're goooooood for you! Here, touch them!" Sounds like standard child teasing, right? Unless Johnny has a serious peanut allergy.
Allergic? I Used To Be
Families with allergic children know the routine when it comes to the foods their child has reactions to: avoid, avoid, avoid. New research suggests this doesn’t always have to be the case.
Spice it Down
Toothpaste, your favorite pasta dish, a breakfast muffin and a tube of lipstick – what do they all have in common? They all contain spices that some people can be allergic to.
Putting Eggs Back in the Cake Mix
Many children with egg allergies are used to missing out on birthday cake. Once they have had a reaction to a cooked egg, their caretakers usually make them avoid all items with egg as an ingredient. That might not be necessary.
Meal-Time Madness
Many people are bothered by seasonal allergies – sneezing and wheezing when certain pollens roll in. But for those allergic to certain foods (a less common type of allergy) the condition can take on whole new precautions and reactions.
Peanuts, Pregnancy and Protection
Many women are afraid to eat nuts while they’re pregnant for fear they could cause future allergies for their baby. New research suggests they need not worry.
Defining Wheat Sensitivity
Wheat sensitivity may show up as nausea or in bowel problems. A recent study found that some people with wheat sensitivity had symptoms more like celiac disease, while others had symptoms more like a food allergy.
Allergies on the Rise
Allergies occur when the body’s immune system reacts abnormally to something in the environment. When these allergic reactions occur in response to a food, the results can be quite dangerous. Recent studies show that food allergies seem to be increasing in children. With this increase, greater public knowledge and information is required. Rates Rising A study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology  in 2010 showed that nut allergies among children seem to be on the rise. The study, led by Scott H. Sicherer , MD, surveyed 13,534 people (5,300 household...
Going Gluten-Free
In recent years, the idea of a gluten-free diet has grown in popularity. As more people discuss avoiding gluten, celiac disease (which is somewhat like a severe gluten allergy) is becoming the subject of more and more research. What are the effects of this disease and just how common is it? Celiac Simply Put Celiac disease is an immune disorder triggered by gluten, a protein present in foods like wheat, rye and barley. According to an article written by Jocelyn Silvester , MD and Donald Duerksen , MD, and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal ( CMAJ ), celia...
Q&A with Colic Expert Dr. Vartabedian
Becoming a new parent brings with it a host of challenges, not the least of which is learning your baby’s needs and how he or she expresses those needs.