Health News

Weight Loss Tips for People with Diabetes
Losing weight can be a challenge for anybody, but it can be especially difficult for people with diabetes, who have to manage medication and blood sugar on top of everything else.
Hard Facts About Soft Drinks
Soft drinks are extremely popular beverages among both children and adults in the US. They are far from healthy, however.
Most Polluted Cities in the US
The American Lung Association released a list of the most polluted cities in the US.
Healthy Holiday Tips
With most of the country already in the heart of winter, here are some tips for staying healthy this holiday season and into the new year.
A Healthy Mouth Didn't Help Control Diabetes
Could better dental health help with managing blood sugar and controlling diabetes?
A Dental Diabetes Link
Diabetes and dental health might not be the most obvious pair, but new research out of South Korea suggests that there might be a connection between the health of the mouth and the management of diabetes.
Diabetes May Raise Esophageal Cancer Risk
Heartburn isn’t always a dire health matter, but if stomach acid repeatedly enters the esophagus, it can lead to a more serious condition and possibly cancer.
Losing Teeth with Diabetes
Brushing and flossing should be part of everyone’s daily habits. For people with diabetes, proper oral hygiene is even more important to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
Stomach Surgery For More Patients
Surgery to shrink the stomach has typically been reserved for extremely overweight patients having trouble losing the pounds. But new bariatric surgery guidelines suggest that the procedure might not be just for the obese.
Control Diabetes and Say Cheese!
Diabetes can lead to other health problems throughout your body. Some of these problems, such as gum disease, are less well known than others. So we thought we'd give you a little overview on the relationship between diabetes and gum disease.