Health News

Healthy Protection Against Alzheimer’s
There are many reasons to eat a healthy diet low in saturated fat and simple carbs. For individuals with a genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease, a healthy diet may also help protect their brains.
What Could Sodium Mean for the Bones?
As women grow older, they are often at greater risk for osteoporosis and bone fractures. Their diets may also play a part in their risk of bone fracture.
Working Out The Wobbly Knees
Muscle strength is key to helping wobbly knees become more stable. And you have to exercise to get that muscle strength. But whether or not the exercise focuses on the knees might not matter.
High Body Weight, More Joint Surgery
Osteoarthritis, known as “wear and tear” arthritis, affects more than 20 million people in the US. Avoiding undue stress on your joints early on makes a huge difference in old age.   
Not Walking the Walk with Arthritis
While walking has a low impact on the body, and is convenient and inexpensive to do, few adults are actually doing it, particularly those with arthritis.
No Extra Fibromyalgia Pain with Exercise
Some fibromyalgia patients may avoid exercise due to concern that the extra activity could increase pain. Fortunately, the opposite may be true, and exercise may actually help reduce pain. 
Kids' Tummy Fat Makes for Weaker Bones
Being "big boned" as a kid is one thing. But having big bones doesn't mean the bones are strong and dense.
Not So Happy With the New Knee
One major consideration when undergoing knee replacement surgery is whether the new knee will actually be an improvement over the original knee.
Risky Business of Osteoarthritis
Some people expect to experience aches, pains and reduced mobility in certain areas of their body as they grow older. For many people, these aches and pains are the result of osteoarthritis (OA), the most common type of arthritis.
Back Problems Linked To Job, Not Fitness
Back pain is more common among those who do not get enough exercise. But does exercise really matter to certain conditions like herniated lumbar disc disease?