Health News

Active Child Makes for an Active Heart
It’s not news that physical activity is good for the body and can prevent a number heart and health problems in adults. The  same thing can now be said for kids — that  exercise and physical activity could protect young ones from  heart disease. 
More US Babies Getting the Breast
Perhaps you have heard the phrase "breast is best," referring to breastfeeding babies. Apparently more women in the US are hearing this message.
How Mom's State of Mind Affects Obesity
It can be challenging to raise children to be healthy, nutritious eaters. It may be tougher when mom has her own challenges to face. But options are available to help with both.
Exercise Role Models
Childhood obesity is a common problem for many children with special needs. Both an unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise contribute to this problem. Parents may be able to change at least one of those unhealthy habits by setting a good example.
Playing the Odds on Children's Weight Gain
The talk about rates of childhood obesity in the US is hard to ignore. But all that talk isn't helpful unless parents have information about what puts a child at a higher risk for becoming obese.
Pumped Up Kids
Having strong muscles is good for everyone. Building up muscle strength can help prevent injury. And now it seems that increased muscle strength may be linked with reduced risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.
What Are Those Ads Feeding My Kids?
On one hand, kids learn a lot by surfing the web. But on the other hand, they are constantly bombarded with advertisements. Food and beverage ads top the list.
Kids, Get Up and Dance Dance!
Perhaps kids would go outside and play more often if they weren't playing video games. Or perhaps they would get more exercise if they played active video games. Or maybe both are true!
Not What Kids Eat But How They Eat
Certainly a preschooler who eats a lot of sugary food and drinks many sugary beverages is eating poorly. But how they eat may make as much difference to their health as what they eat.
Being Big with an Early Baby
When a woman becomes pregnant, her health affects her and her baby both. Being overweight or obese can also play a part in how a woman's pregnancy goes.