Health News

More than Pumping Iron Among Teens
Lifting weights for strength is one thing. When kids do it for looks on top of changing their diet and maybe their exercise habits, that's another.
Magical Number for Kids' Activity is 7
Kids run, climb, crawl and jump. But is that activity enough to stop them from becoming overweight or obese? Well, yes – if the activity is intense enough and lasts long enough.
Hey Girls! Let's Dance
Teen girls that seem generally healthy may still struggle with their self-image. This struggle can sometimes lead to later health problems. But there's a possible solution: Just dance!
Fast Food Means Fast Gains
It's so convenient. When McDonald's or Burger King is on your way home from an errand, you can swing by with the kids for a quick lunch. But the calories add up.
Amish Kids More Active, More Healthy
When technology is put on hold, physical activity can go up, as proven in the culture and lifestyle of the Amish.
Surgery Works on Obese Teens
When diet and exercise doesn't work, overweight teens have another option to help shed the extra pounds.
Attacking Child Obesity on All Sides
Fighting teen obesity requires multiple approaches. There is not a single cause of obesity, but there are many different factors that parents can address to reduce kids' risk.
Counting the Ways Kids Could Grow Obese
Many factors influence individuals' weight. The same is true for children. Preventing obesity is easier when we know what factors increase a baby's risk of becoming overweight.
Plugged In, Sleep-Deprived and Obese
Gone are the days when kids might have just had televisions in their bedrooms. Now it's video game consoles, computers, smart phones… and they may have some unintended consequences.
One Fish, Two Fish, Go Low-Mercury Fish
One of the foods pregnant women need to watch out for is fish. They are advised to avoid fish with too much mercury. But eating fish with lower mercury levels might be a good idea.