Health News

Big Mama, Big Babies, More Complications
Being overweight or obese during pregnancy can put women at a higher risk for gestational diabetes, which increases the risk of birth complications.
The Impact of Regulating Food in Schools
Do laws regarding vending machines and fast food carts in schools make a difference in whether teens gain weight? That's what a group of researchers sought to find out.
Overweight Pregnancy Affects Baby Growth
Being obese and pregnant can carry a range of risks to the mother during pregnancy, but it also has consequences for her baby, in the short-term and the long-term.
Two Thirds of Obese Kids At Risk of Heart Disease
Children who fall into the "very obese" category are already suffering from at least one heart disease risk factor such as high cholesterol or hypertension.
Kids Get Inspired by the Olympics
Wondering how to get a couch potato kid up and running? Switch on the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and encourage them to try something new and exciting.
Obese Moms May Deprive Babies of Iron
Research is uncovering more and more about possible health risks to babies if their mothers are obese during pregnancy. Another one for the list: being born with low iron levels.
Michael Phelps: Gearing Up for Gold
Michael Phelps is a household name. But that doesn’t mean that Phelps didn’t have to give it his all to qualify for each of his seven events in the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Don't Just Sit There, Get Outside!
It's easy to blame the preponderance of cheap technology and fun gadgets as the reason for today's children not getting enough physical activity. But parents have more power to influence their kids' activity levels than they may realize.
The Best Baby Food Money Can't Buy
When expecting, it can be nerve-wracking to consider all the changes going on in your life and how to be ready to take care of this new, tiny, amazing creature.
Better Sleep for Leaner Kids
Helping an obese child lose weight can do more than reduce playground teasing. It could also reduce a child's likelihood of having sleep apnea or metabolic syndrome.