Health News

Air Pollution Link to Childhood Obesity
It may not just be chicken nuggets and french fries adding too much weight to children's waistlines. The very air pregnant women breathe might play a small role too.
Reducing Childhood Obesity Is Attainable
The U.S. government aims to reduce the childhood obesity rate from the current 16.9 percent to 14.6 percent by 2020. But what would that require? The answer might surprise you.
Milk Won't Make Kids Einsteins
Although past research has found links between adults' vitamin D levels and brain power, less was known about whether the nutrient helps kids in the same way. It appears that it can't.
Measure my Waist, Please
Teens' waist measurements can tell doctors more than what size jeans they wear. Waist circumference is also a pretty helpful indicator of a teen's blood pressure and lipid levels.
Healthy Teenagers are Happier
It may seem fairly typical when adolescents hit the teen years and begin experimenting with risky behaviors such as smoking, drinking and eating more junk food. It may seem like teenage rebellion that isn't uncommon; but new research shows that not only are these teens choosing unhealthy lifestyle options, they are also far less happy.
A New Probiotic Super-Formula?
Probiotics are food with live and active beneficial bacteria for the body that have been gaining popularity in the U.S. - and soon they may be in baby's formula.
Teen Girls can Safely Lose Weight
There is hope for the nearly one-third of overweight or obese teenage girls in the U.S. - a properly focused intervention program can help them lose weight and live healthier.
Breasts Battle Childhood Obesity
Children born to women with diabetes are more likely to be obese, but one way moms can reduce this risk is to breastfeed their babies. And the pattern is true for non-diabetics too.
All-Day Buffet in Elementary Schools?
Four times as many obese children are in the U.S. today as there were in the 1970s - but the availability of snacks at school besides school meals shows little signs of decreasing.
Let Your Baby Lead the Way
Parents who opt to let their babies feed themselves with finger foods during baby-led weaning - rather than spoon-feeding them pureed food - may end up with healthier kids.