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Healthy Ways to Deal with Holiday Weight and Stress
Since stress and depression can lead to overeating as a way to “self-medicate,” try out these 8 tips to curb the 7 pounds and have a joyful holiday!
Some Kids' Stress Might Mean Weight Gain
Children respond to stressful life events in different ways, just as adults do. However, one common result may be a higher risk of becoming overweight.
More Stress, More Pounds?
Past research has suggested that people from poorer backgrounds may have an increased risk of being obese. As researchers dive deeper into this relationship, they are finding that stress may play a role.
Active College Students Healthier, Happier
Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. It is especially important for college students and young adults who are under stress.
Health Suffers When Money is Tight
Most individuals want to practice healthy behaviors, but everyday situations sometimes make that hard. So, how does an economic downturn like the 2008 recession affect people's behaviors?
Work Stress May Hinder Healthy Habits
People with stressful jobs may want to hit happy hour pretty hard, while less stressed workers may choose healthier options. Employers could help promote healthy habits.
Fish Oil: Possible Stress Soother
The health benefits of fish oil have been unclear in the past. But it may be possible that fish oil simply promotes good blood flow in the face of mental stressors.
Why Stressors Make Us Eat
What is it about stress that makes denser foods more appealing? In the modern world, the survival instinct can trigger the now unnecessary desire to eat high-calorie foods. 
It's Time for Recess!
Teachers might look forward to recess as much as children do. It's a chance to let kids run off their energy. But recess is also an important daily part of children's overall development.
That Which Doesn't Starve You…
They say that which does not kill you makes you stronger. In one sense, that may be right. African-Americans who went hungry as kids saw their cognitive skills last longer as seniors.