Health News

U.S. Plan Announced to Cut Heart Attacks
Working vigorously to reduce cardiovascular deaths, U.S. health officials have announced a national program that partners with private insurance companies to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes over five years.
Under-nutrition Linked to Heart Disease
Women who don't receive adequate food and nutrition as they are growing up, particularly during the adolescent years, may be more likely to develop coronary artery disease later in life.
Sweet Tooth Encourages Healthy Heart
It's the news that people with a sweet tooth have been waiting to hear! Eating large amounts of chocolate may cut the risk of developing heart disease by a third.
Coronary Calcium Best Predictor Of Heart Health
Doctors are always looking for new ways to predict heart attacks and strokes -- especially among patients with normal cholesterol levels who may not appear to be at risk.
Making the Heart Shine
Heart scarring after a stroke or heart attack makes it tough for the body to pump blood. A new "shining" technique that uses low-level lasers and bone marrow stem cells may help restore heart function.
Human Platelet Creation to be Attempted
Inherited bleeding and clotting disorders are not well understood. Scientists hope that a study to create human platelet cells, which could aid chemotherapy patients in need of platelet transfusions, will provide insight into platelet function.
Seeing Sudden Death on Dialysis
When a diabetes patient's kidneys fail, that patient has to be put on dialysis. These patients may be at risk of having their heart suddenly stop. Now, researchers have found a way to spot who is most at risk.
Your DNA Plays Greater Role in Heart Attack
A predisposition for heart attack risk is defined by genetics. Doesn't that mean the risks for heart diseases are the same? In fact, one particular risk seems to lead the way.
Diesel Fuel Linked to Heart Attack
Compared to any number of dangerous situations someone can find themselves in, driving a car fueled by diesel hardly seems risky. But exhaust fumes may be deceptively nipping at heart health.
NSAIDs Risky for Hypertensive Patients
High blood pressure patients with coronary artery disease are already at increased risk of heart attack. It turns out a commonly used, over-the-counter medication may be almost as dangerous.