Health News

Making Alzheimer's a Better Memory
Could this dream come true? A medication that's currently approved for one disease could make Alzheimer's disease nothing more than a nightmarish memory.
Brain Drain Without Fish & Seeds
The Mediterranean diet has recently received many accolades for its aid in heart health, yet a new study discovered its contents may be largely beneficial to the brain as well. 
Heart Arrhythmia Linked to Cognitive Decline
You may be aware of the short-term risks associated with heart arrhythmias. However, atrial fibrillation, a common type of abnormal heartbeat, also appears to come with added risks later in life.
Our Brains Race for Rosemary
Those feeling absent-minded may find the boost they need by treating their nostrils to rosemary oil, new research suggests. 
Sleep Soundly or Lose Your Memory
If you wake up frequently throughout the night you could be at greater risk of memory loss later on, new research suggests.
Don’t Give Up on Dementia
One of your parents, perhaps a friend, begins to withdraw from social activities, change their sleep habits, becomes irritable, has memory problems and trouble concentrating.
Games Boost Memory
Just like cars, our brains also get clogged-up and rusty when we don’t use them, and new research suggests that brain inactivity can worsen symptoms of dementia.
What Families Need to Know About Dementia
Your mother is getting older, and she's starting to forget things. You're worried that she might have dementia. If you go to the doctor and get that diagnosis, do you know what to ask?
“Exergames” Better than Exercise
Videogames tend to get a bad rap because of all the couch time they require. However, recent research demonstrates that some provide more holistic benefits than typical exercising. 
Treating Dementia Differently
Comorbidity within disease can cause a variety of issues in terms of symptoms and treatment, and a new study looks into its effects on patients with Down's syndrome.