Health News

Brain Drain Begins in 40s
While past research suggests mental decline begins around retirement, recent research demonstrates cognitive degradation occurs as early as forty-five years old.
A Silent Explanation for Memory Loss
Developing memory loss as you age? The culprit for memory loss in some elderly patients may be linked to silent strokes that caused small pockets of dead brain cells.
Dementia Linked to Circadian Rhythm
Dementia more often occurs in elderly women who are physically inactive, are active later in the day, or have abnormal sleep-wake schedules.
Caregiving Strategies for Alzheimer's
Alzheimer's disease does not just affect the memory of the person afflicted. The disease impacts the lives of family and friends, who often provide long-term care for their loved one.
Marker Identifies Dementia Type
Symptoms of different types of dementia are similar, which can make it tough to give patients an accurate diagnosis. A marker that detects brain plaques can help doctors tell them apart.
Is Hypertension Linked to Dementia?
Could common conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes influence dementia? New findings suggest a possible link.
Dementia Caregivers Prone to Poor Health
Caregivers of dementia patients may be spending so much time focusing on loved ones that they are left with little time to manage their own lives. This heightened stress may be putting their health at risk.
Dementia Hospitalizations Increasing
Even though the the rapidly growing over 85 age group represents only 2 percent of the U.S. population, they represent 40 percent of all hospitalizations associated with dementia.
Low BMI May Contribute to Alzheimer's
Maintaining a weight that is overly thin can contribute to health problems in much the same way that being obese can. More recently a low body mass index has also been linked to early stages of Alzheimer's disease.
Blood Pressure a Harbinger of Brain Problems
More recently doctors have told patients that ambulatory blood pressure monitoring may be a more accurate predictor of high blood pressure. It also may be the best predictor of cognitive decline and small vessel brain disease among older individuals.