Health News

Hold Off On That Sugar Rush
You know the feeling: it's the afternoon slump, and that soda or candy bar is just the ticket to give you that sugar rush for an extra burst of energy and alertness.
Sleep + Play = Healthy Kids
It's the complaint of many parents today - their kids spend far too much time in front of computer or TV screens, often far into the night which also cuts into important sleep time.
Sleep Medications may be Overprescribed
Although nearly one in four Americans suffers from insomnia, many remedies commonly used for a bad night's sleep have potentially unsafe side effects. 
Counting Sheep at Night? Try a Mediterranean Diet
Dietitians have long promoted the health benefits of a diet rich in fish, vegetables, non-refined cereals, olive oil and even some red wine. A Mediterranean-based diet, while nutritionally healthy, may also ease problems of sleep apnea.
Light-Sensitive Brain Cells Keep you Awake
Bright light is often credited for arousing us and keeping us awake.  It is even known to have an antidepressant effect. But if light is responsible for arousing us, is darkness to blame for make us sleepy? 
Being Lonely May Lead to Poor Sleep
Being lonely can be heartbreaking - but it can also lead to trouble sleeping. The feelings of loneliness might break up a normal night's sleep, creating added distress for those who feel lonely.
Restless Legs Connected With Hypertension
For middle-aged women with restless legs syndrome, it's not just itching and an irresistible urge to move the legs. It also may be a risk factor for high blood pressure.
Shut Down Diabetes With Some Shut-Eye
Sleep is an important part of your health. Without your nightly shut-eye, your body would not get the rest it needs to prepare for the next day. A lack of sleep can also lead to certain diseases, including diabetes.
Insomnia Runs in the Family
For insomniacs, falling asleep and staying asleep can be very challenging, and the side effects of daytime drowsiness, difficulty concentrating and impaired motor coordination can be debilitating.
Counting Sheep After Discontinuing HRT
Lack of sleep can take one's vitality for life away. With slower schedules and hormone shifts, sleeping can get really slippery for older women.