Health News

Weight Loss Tips for People with Diabetes
Losing weight can be a challenge for anybody, but it can be especially difficult for people with diabetes, who have to manage medication and blood sugar on top of everything else.
Hard Facts About Soft Drinks
Soft drinks are extremely popular beverages among both children and adults in the US. They are far from healthy, however.
Maintaining Weight Loss Over the Years
Losing weight is one thing, but keeping it off is another issue altogether. A new study took a closer look at people who maintained their weight loss.
How Obesity Affects Health
Besides tobacco use, obesity is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States.
Interventions Preferable to Advice Alone for Weight Loss
It's easier to tell people to eat healthy and exercise than to lay out a custom fitness plan. However, a lifestyle change strategy may be more effective than advice alone.
Heart Disease and Stroke Remain Leading Health Threats
Heart disease and stroke remain two of the most dangerous health problems in America, according to a recent review of statistics and research.
Shedding Pounds to Improve Heart Health
Weight loss has been linked to better heart health, but a recent study indicated that the benefits of dropping pounds may depend on whether they stay off.
Managing Weight in the Workplace
Many companies are making changes to encourage healthy lifestyle habits at work. But how effective are these efforts? Are they just trendy or do they improve the health of employees?
Quick Results Possible for Obese Kids
Weight loss can be a long journey. However, in a new study of obese children, the researchers found that changes to diet and exercise showed fairly quick results.
Kidney Stone Risks After Menopause
Eating healthily and exercising regularly have many health benefits for your heart and metabolism. New research suggests these healthy habits may also protect against kidney stones.