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Knee Surgery: Not Always Worth It
Older people with painful arthritic knees or torn cartilage often turn to surgery to fix the problem. Such operations, however, may have short-lived benefits and do more harm than good in some cases.
Better Sleep, Less Knee Pain
For many older people, joints can get stiff and painful from osteoarthritis. This disease often settles in the knee. While it can be hard to sleep with an aching knee, poor sleep may be contributing to the pain.
Stiffness No Obstacle to Shoulder Surgery
When dealing with torn shoulder tendons, surgery may be the best option to lessen pain and improve function. Although doctors must consider several factors before recommending surgery, relieving shoulder stiffness can be part of the solution rather than the problem.
Knee Surgery? Watch out for Arthritis
The knees have it — arthritis, that is. Knee injuries that require surgery may lead to a raised risk of arthritis in the knee.
Shots May Trump Pills for Knee Arthritis Pain
They're no magic bullet, but injections might trump some pills for knee arthritis pain relief.
Get Active for Improved Arthritis Symptoms
Improving arthritis symptoms may be as simple as getting some exercise.
Physical Therapy Might Trump Knee Surgery
Surgery may not always be the best option for patients. In the case of some knee problems, physical therapy may work just as well and have fewer negative effects.
FDA: "Feng Shi Ling" Contains Undeclared Drug Ingredients
The Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers not to purchase or use “Feng Shi Ling,” a product promoted and sold as an herbal medication for arthritic pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.
Arthritis Pain Relievers May Raise Risk of Death From Stroke
Arthritis can be painful and prevent patients from doing daily activities. But certain medicines to relieve arthritis pain may increase patients' chances of dying from a stroke, a new study found.
Prehabilitation Could Help Knee and Hip Replacement Patients Recover
With the number of total knee and hip replacements on the rise, doctors are looking for ways to reduce the amount of care needed after surgery. Prehabilitation (physical therapy before surgery) could help patients recover faster and save money.