Health News

Exploring the Safety of Walking to School
Walking or riding a bicycle to school is a great way for children to get extra physical activity — but only if it's safe for them to do so.
A Heart Test to Save Athletes' Lives
Could a relatively simple test for heart abnormalities save athletes' lives? Recent research suggests that it might.
Preventing Sports Injury With Exercise
Injuries are basically the only downside of exercise, and many sports injuries can be tough to treat. But certain types of exercise may help people prevent these sports injuries.
Exercise Is the Goal
For a lot of people, breaking down exercise into smaller parts or short-term goals can make it more manageable to accomplish. Exercise goals may help people, including older individuals, get active.
Keeping Cool While Working Out
Choosing the right workout gear is important for healthy exercise. Clothing that traps heat may raise body temperature and even cause heat strokes.
Running Is in the Knees and Ankles
A lot of hardcore runners have proper running form on the mind. Another concern they may have is foot posture, or the way the foot and ankle can roll in or out. Does foot posture make a difference in staying injury-free?
The Path to Work is a Social Thing
Group support can make or break healthy behaviors, even in commuting to work. Support for walking and biking to the job comes in a number of different forms.
Getting Healthy at the Workplace
It's easy for workers to fall into a rut of unhealthy habits. Most jobs don't make it easy or convenient to eat right and exercise. But it doesn't have to be that way.