Health News

Exercise Earns an A+
The next time your children want to play outside for an extra 30 minutes, you might want to let them. More exercise now could lead to better grades in the future.
Keeping Little Legs Active
It's important for all children to get a regular amount of physical activity each day. Sometimes, the amount they get is affected by factors at preschool.
A Leg Up on Learning: Exercise, Study or Both?
Kids might rather be running around outside instead of preparing for that next test, but both play and study can help the brain. That is, physical fitness and quizzing could help the child learn better in the long run.
The Good and Bad News About Teen Weight
A wide range of public health campaigns have promoted healthier behaviors for teens. These include watching TV less, eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking less soda.
A Mind-Body Approach to Teen Health
Whether in their schools, families or social circles, teenagers can face a range of pressures. School-based programs are among those aiming to ease challenges to young people's overall well-being.
Active Child Makes for an Active Heart
It’s not news that physical activity is good for the body and can prevent a number heart and health problems in adults. The  same thing can now be said for kids — that  exercise and physical activity could protect young ones from  heart disease. 
Exercise Role Models
Childhood obesity is a common problem for many children with special needs. Both an unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise contribute to this problem. Parents may be able to change at least one of those unhealthy habits by setting a good example.
Pumped Up Kids
Having strong muscles is good for everyone. Building up muscle strength can help prevent injury. And now it seems that increased muscle strength may be linked with reduced risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.
Kids, Get Up and Dance Dance!
Perhaps kids would go outside and play more often if they weren't playing video games. Or perhaps they would get more exercise if they played active video games. Or maybe both are true!
It Takes a Village for Kids to Lose Weight
If it takes a village to raise a child, does it take a village to keep that child from becoming overweight? What happens when people in the community create a program aimed at children?