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What to Expect During Pregnancy with Chronic Illness
A healthy pregnancy requires a great deal of planning and care. Add a chronic illness to the mix and pregnancy can become much more demanding.
Seeing Double – and Triple – After IVF
The development of fertility treatments and in vitro fertilization (IVF) has offered tremendous new opportunities for individuals to become parents. But they came with unintended consequences too.
Small Risk of Diabetes Linked to Fertility Issues
Women who have overcome fertility problems know the joy of finally becoming pregnant. But their infertility history may help them prepare for the pregnancy as well.
Vitamin D to Boost IVF Baby Chances
Women attempting to become pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF) must undergo many tests and procedures. Checking on vitamin D levels may be something worth including in this regime.
The Oldest and the Youngest Mommies
The typical age for having children ranges from about age 20 to age 35. Many women who are older and younger have children, though. Does their age matter to their pregnancy?
Do I Have an Ectopic Pregnancy?
A life-threatening condition in women is an ectopic pregnancy. However, it can be difficult for a woman to know if she has become pregnant and that the embryo has not implanted in her uterus.
Pregnancy with Rheumatoid Arthritis
In the past, women with rheumatoid arthritis were discouraged from getting pregnant. But now the picture is different. With the help of their doctors, along with careful disease management, most women with rheumatoid arthritis can have a successful pregnancy.
Hidden Risks for IVF Moms
As technology progresses, researchers must learn both the benefits and risks that new medical procedures offer. Using in vitro fertilization ( IVF ) to have a baby is one such technology.
More Chemicals, More Time to Pregnancy
Researchers are learning more all the time about how chemicals in the environment affect our bodies. Much research focuses on children and conceiving a child.
Small Risks in Fertility Treatment
Difficulty in becoming pregnant leads some couples to seek fertility treatments. Any medical intervention involves risks and benefits that patients should consider.