Health News

Pregnancy After Breast Cancer
If you're planning to get pregnant, don't let a prior breast cancer diagnosis stop you. Pregnancy following breast cancer remission appears to be safe.
Nursing Moms Should not Avoid Cow's Milk
Nursing moms who avoid milk in hopes of reducing their babies’ risk for food allergies should think twice: A new study finds that it may increase your baby’s risk for food allergies.
A Closer Look at Breastfeeding Habits
Official medical recommendations are to breastfeed babies exclusively for a baby's first six months, but is this too lofty a goal for some women? What happens when reality meets idealism?
Fast Is Better for First-Trimester Miscarriage
Miscarrying a child is a difficult, emotional experience for a woman. Some women who experience first-trimester loss choose to lose the baby naturally, without immediate medical intervention.
Doctors and Moms Need to Chat
Giving birth between 22 and 26 weeks can involve painful decisions, given the various risks to the baby, which has about a 50 percent chance of survival.
Early Birds May Be Too Sick for the Worm
Arriving early is great for meetings or work - but not for birth. Even babies born a couple weeks early are at a higher risk for developing health problems later.
Advances in IVF
In 1981, the first U.S. baby was born through in vitro fertilization. Scientists and doctors have come a long way since then. Today the procedure is more efficient than ever for families unable to conceive.
Nutrition Affects Unborn Babys Immune System
Pregnant moms know that nutrition during pregnancy can impact a baby’s growth. But did you know that what you take into your body before you’re pregnant may be able to help your baby fight off disease?
RA and Lupus Reduce Fertility
Living with an autoimmune disease poses many problems for women. For women who are diagnosed during their reproductive years, it may affect your childbearing choices and your ability to have a baby.
Babies Can Arrive on Time, Day or Night
Moms have one less thing to worry about for giving birth - whether the time or day matters. Day or night, weekday or weekend, their babies will get the same quality of care regardless.