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Being Big Less Risky After the First Baby
Being overweight and pregnant has previously been shown to increase risks during delivery — but there may be more to the story than just a woman's weight that influences her risks.
Mama, Mama, How Does Your Belly Grow?
Nearly all women gain weight during their pregnancy. This is normal and expected since they're growing a little human inside. But gaining too much or too little can present risks.
When Bigger Women Are Expecting
Part of being pregnant is gaining weight. Women who already carry extra pounds before getting pregnant, though, might face more risks than women who don't.
Another Reason Not to Light Up, Mom
It's well understood that women should not smoke while pregnant. Yet some women find it difficult to quit. Knowing some of the long-term effects may offer an extra motivational boost.
Being Big with an Early Baby
When a woman becomes pregnant, her health affects her and her baby both. Being overweight or obese can also play a part in how a woman's pregnancy goes.
Shedding Pounds Between Babies
Being overweight while pregnant can increase several health risks. But after you have your baby, it's not too late to try to lose the pounds if you want to have another.
Next Gen Troubles from Smoking Moms
Smoking is a known health hazard for pregnancies. But being exposed to smoke in utero may follow a baby girl into her own pregnancy when she grows up.
Extra Risks of Extra Pregnancy Pounds
Gaining weight is a natural part of growing a baby in your womb. Being overweight or obese while you are pregnant, however, can carry additional risks for your pregnancy.
Obesity Weighs Down Pregnancy Outcomes
Being overweight can be a burden for an expectant mother. When it comes to labor and delivery, that extra weight can cause certain complications for both the mother and child.
Obese Mamas Pass Along Less Vitamin D
Pregnant women are advised to take prenatal vitamins to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. But their weight may play a role in how many of those nutrients reach their baby.