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Calculate a Baby's Risk of Obesity
More and more has been learned about child obesity in the past few decades. What if we could put all the known risk factors together to get a sense of a child's overall risk of being overweight? We can.
Counting the Ways Kids Could Grow Obese
Many factors influence individuals' weight. The same is true for children. Preventing obesity is easier when we know what factors increase a baby's risk of becoming overweight.
Sleep Apnea, Obesity & Pregnancy
The risks to a woman and her baby if she's obese have been well-established, but having sleep apnea ups the stakes even more. Fortunately, sleep apnea can be treated.
Put the Cigarette Down & No One Gets Fat
If you're thinking of lighting up while a little one kicks in your tummy, this might stop you. Do you want an overweight child?
Big Mama, Big Babies, More Complications
Being overweight or obese during pregnancy can put women at a higher risk for gestational diabetes, which increases the risk of birth complications.
Overweight Pregnancy Affects Baby Growth
Being obese and pregnant can carry a range of risks to the mother during pregnancy, but it also has consequences for her baby, in the short-term and the long-term.
Obese Moms May Deprive Babies of Iron
Research is uncovering more and more about possible health risks to babies if their mothers are obese during pregnancy. Another one for the list: being born with low iron levels.
The Best Baby Food Money Can't Buy
When expecting, it can be nerve-wracking to consider all the changes going on in your life and how to be ready to take care of this new, tiny, amazing creature.
Children's Weight and Vitamin D Connection
Want to know one way you can potentially reduce your child's likelihood of becoming overweight before he or she is even born? Make sure you have enough vitamin D in your system.
Children Arriving by C May Grow Bigger
Both the rate of obesity and the rate of elective C-sections have been increasing in the U.S. Though no evidence exists to say one causes another, they may be linked.