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Melanoma Metastasis Gene Found
Ever since the beginning of modern genetics, scientists believed that DNA encoded for proteins, and every protein had a task. It was that simple.
Slather on the Sunscreen
For years now we've been told to use sunscreen to protect ourselves from too much sun and most importantly skin cancer. Well it turns out one of the ingredients in those lotions could actually be increasing the risk of developing skin cancer. Uh oh.
Take a Close Look, Doc
More than any other factor, early detection of melanoma is key. While you might be more familiar with your moles, apparently fresh eyes are best.
Lymph Node Implants to Fight Cancer
Lymph nodes, the police stations of the human body, are where T cells go to rest, pick up information on recent developments, and get ready to head back out on patrol.
Dual Vaccine for Two Cancers
Work in the field of cancer vaccines isn't exactly what you might think. This method of treating cancers coaches the immune system to attack the cancer, not prevent it. A group of researchers successfully concluded two simultaneous trials on a cancer vaccine, finding that it works well in treating patients with both melanoma and ovarian cancer. Using the vaccine increased both length of remission and average lifespan in cancer patients treated. Ask your oncologist about cancer vaccines. The team from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute conducted two parallel phase II clinical ...
Melanoma Risks Reduced Through Nutrition
Melanoma, one of the most common cancers affecting Americans, casts a shadow over people at risk for this disease. However researchers are finding new ways to lower melanoma rates. A recent cohort study examining the use of vitamin A supplements provided evidence that may help researchers find ways to reduce melanoma rates among high-risk populations Taking multivitamins containing Vitamin A might reduce risk of melanoma. The author of this study was Maryam Asgari , MD, a researcher with Kaiser Permanente, a non-profit managed care consortium headquartered in Oakland, Californi...
How Melanoma Hides
The inflammation response is used by the body to signal an attack, but it turns out in at least one kind of melanoma, the cancer uses the same signal to go into hiding.
Knowing Options for Skin Cancer Surgery
For most skin cancers, a simple excision is enough. But in some cases, doctors might decide to have the cancer examined under microscope to make sure it was removed completely.
Tobacco, Gender and Oral Cancer
Following the smoke led one researcher to an interesting piece of science regarding cancer metabolism, and led her to develop a model showing likelihood of cancer recurrence.
Diabetes Combo Therapy Attacks Melanoma
Along with breast cancer, BRAF mutations are found in certain melanoma tumors. New studies suggest that a novel combination drug therapy can keep these tumors from completing their potentially deadly mission.