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Not All Health Care Providers Told Patients to Quit Smoking
A professional's advice — even if it's about something widely known — can carry a lot of weight. But some professionals may be missing chances to advise patients to quit smoking.
Major Review Shows E-Cigs Likely Less Harmful Than Cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes are a newer nicotine product, and the medical community is working to understand their effect on users’ health.
ADHD Risk from Smoking in Pregnancy
It's pretty common knowledge that smoking isn't good for you, and smoking during pregnancy isn't good for either of you.
Teens Who Smoked Menthol Cigarettes Smoked More
The harmful health effects of smoking haven’t stopped some people from smoking. Teens are smoking, too, and some factors may increase smoking in teens.
Rx Combo for Quitting Smoking Was Better than One Rx Alone
Even though there are a variety of aids to help people quit smoking, it’s still a tough habit to kick. But if one of those aids isn't doing the job, a combination of smoking cessation therapies may do the trick.
Some Workers Using More Smokeless Tobacco
Could the job you have or the industry you work in be tied to the likelihood that you use certain tobacco products? Authors of a new study say this just might be the case.
E-Cigs Increased Urge to Light Up Tobacco Cigarettes
Decades of research suggest that if a smoker watches someone else light up a cigarette, it will likely increase the smoker’s urge to light up themselves. Seeing someone use an electronic cigarette may have the same effect.
Possible Risks of E-Cigarettes Remain Unknown
As cities continue to crack down on people lighting up cigarettes and public health efforts highlight the dangers of tobacco use, e-cigarettes are seen as a possible way to help people quit.
E-Cigs May Help You Stay Away From Smoking
Electronic cigarettes are becoming a popular new way to help people quit smoking. But are they fixing the problem? Or just making tobacco more popular?
Things You Can Do Today to Feel Better Tomorrow
What can you do to make your tomorrow better than today? Here are eight easy steps that will leave you feeling better tomorrow.