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Total Health Approach to Quitting Smoking
Quitting smoking is a difficult task. But quitters may find it easier to stay on task by making quitting a part of healthy lifestyle choices that include getting more exercise.
Smoking Cessation Meds: Take Two
Quitting smoking can be tough, but it simply has to be done. Researchers keep looking at ways to help people quit for good, even if there are side effects involved.
Blood Test May Predict Lung Cancer Risk
Finding lung cancer at its earliest stages, when there is still the chance of a cure, is a problem. Regular CT scans can detect such cancers in older smokers who’ve smoked the equivalent of a pack a day for 30 years.
Mom, Go Outside to Smoke
Pregnant moms may be getting better about quitting smoking while they’re pregnant, but once the baby is born, many light up again.
Nicotine Replacement Therapy Labels May Change
When nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products were first marketed almost 30 years ago to help people stop smoking, there wasn't a lot of data available on how long consumers could safely use them, and whether they could be used in combination with other NRTs or with continued smoking.
Quit Talk Around Mental Health
Doctors may be more likely to push patients without any mental health indicators to quit smoking. But smoking is harmful to everyone’s health, regardless of mental health status.
Even Your Metabolism Knows When You Quit
The human body can begin repairing the damage caused by smoking as soon as a person quits, even later in life. It really is never too late to quit.
Genes Don’t Trigger Smoking Habits
Having genes linked to a smoking addiction does not predict a future smoker. Keeping cigarettes away from minors and supporting adults in quitting is what matters.
Quit Smoking and Enjoy That New Hip
Total hip replacement and smoking cigarettes just don’t mix. That's because smoking can cramp the healing process. Even quitting just before surgery is better than not quitting at all.
Beat Back Pain by Quitting Smoking
There are a lot of obvious reasons to quit smoking. But a lesser known reason to quit may be to help with back pain during treatment for spine issues.