Health News

Online Communities for Quitting
Quitting smoking is tough work. Engaging in an online community may help people change their smoking habits.
Smoker Vs. Never-Smoker Lung Cancer
Lung cancer patients who never smoked may be treated differently in the future than those who have smoked. That’s because smoking changes a person’s genes – a lot.
All the Cool Kids Are Doing It
Smoking makes people smell bad. Who could get away with such a gross habit? The popular kids in high school may set a bad example for everyone else that smoking is cool.
Water Pipes Not Easier on Lungs
Thinking that smoking from a hookah or a water pipe is better on the body is based on myth. Tobacco smoke is tobacco smoke—any way you smoke it.
To Smoke or To Dip?
Which is more addictive - smoking tobacco or smokeless tobacco? Tobacco may be able to hook users one way or the other.
Brain Bleeds & Smoking
Smoking habits can have a number of adverse health effects. There is good news—when you finally quit smoking, you may also reduce the chances of life-threatening brain bleeds.
No Smoking After a Stroke!
Not smoking after a stroke should be a no-brainer...but quitting smoking is tough, even after a stroke. Smoking cessation plans, support and medication could help.
Smoking Bans Lower Heart Attacks
Anti-smoking rules now allow four out of five Americans to enjoy clean air in most public places. The icing on the cake showed a reduced chance of heart attack for non-smokers.
E-Cigarettes Not So Bad
It looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, but doesn't have the tobacco content or familiar smell of regular cigarettes. Rather, these electronic cigarettes come in a variety of flavors that emit water vapor as they simulate the effect of smoking.
Smoke & Blood Clots
Studies have shown that secondhand smoke can still put people at risk for health problems, but how? The answers are in the blood.