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Assessing Lymphedema in Breast Cancer Survivors
One of the long-term side effects of breast cancer treatment is a condition called lymphedema. It’s a swelling of the arm that not only affects appearance, but can also be painful and interfere with function.
Radiation Improved Breast Cancer Outlook
Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is the earliest form of breast cancer. Abnormal cells are found inside the milk duct of the breast. Unlike invasive breast cancers, ductal carcinoma in situ has not spread beyond the duct.
New HER2+ Breast Cancer Treatment Recommendation
More than a quarter of women diagnosed with breast cancer have high levels of HER2, a protein that makes the cancer grow faster and more likely to return. New research has discovered one treatment method that’s been used may no longer be necessary.
One-Dose Breast Cancer Radiotherapies
After breast conserving surgery, radiation therapy is given to reduce the chances of the breast cancer returning. External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) is the standard therapy and it is performed over multiple sessions, typically daily for four to five weeks.
Why Breast Cancer Surgery Pain Can Linger
Most women with breast cancer undergo some form of surgery ranging from a lumpectomy to remove the tumor and surrounding tissue to a mastectomy that removes the entire breast. Pain after mastectomies may be the most troubling long-term symptom among breast cancer survivors, according to a recent study.
Possibly Better Way to Screen for Cervical Cancer
Traditionally, the Pap smear has been used to screen for cervical cancer. A new study has shown that there may be a better screening method for this female cancer.
One HPV Shot Might Provide Long-Term Protection
It may never be possible to find a "cure for cancer" — even better would be preventing cancer in the first place. That's what the HPV vaccine can help do.
Low Rates of HPV Vaccination in the South
The South is known for its quaint accents, its rich country cooking and a relaxed culture that’s distinct from other regions of the US. The South now may be known for something else that’s not so charming.
New Findings on Pelvic Radiation
Endometrial cancer develops in the lining of the uterus. It’s the most common gynecologic cancer in women, and thankfully has a very high survival rate. Recently, researchers looked at the long-term effects of two different types of radiation therapy used to treat the disease.
The Genetics of Menopause
Women who have mutations in the BRCA genes are at higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Research has suggested that women with these altered genes may also have problems conceiving children and that they go through menopause earlier than women without the defective genes.