Health News

Avastin Gets FDA Approval for New Use
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new use for the cancer medication Avastin (bevacizumab), according to biotechnology company Genentech.
Depression Common Among Women With Breast Cancer
Being diagnosed with a potentially deadly disease like breast cancer can come as an emotional shock. And a new study found that women diagnosed with breast cancer had a raised risk for depression.
'Angelina' May Have Boosted Breast Cancer Screening
The United Kingdom recently saw a spike in women seeking genetic screening for breast cancer. Researchers think the increase may be tied to a high-profile celebrity endorsement.
Wearing a Bra Not Linked to Breast Cancer
Some believe breast cancer is more common in developed countries because more women wear bras. But new research may debunk that idea.
Bone Loss Rx Studied for Possible Lowered Breast Cancer Risk
Previous research suggested that a common medicine used to treat osteoporosis had the positive side effect of reducing breast cancer risk. New research suggests that may not be true.
Hysterectomy Procedure May Have Added Risk
Many women choose to undergo morcellation when they get a hysterectomy, a minimally invasive procedure in which the uterus is divided into pieces and removed. However, for some women, the procedure may come with added risks.
Simple Steps to Reduce Women’s Cancer Risk
There is no way to completely eliminate your risk of developing cancer, however maintaining a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in reducing your risk for certain types of cancer.
Moles May Be Markers of Breast Cancer Risk
The amount of sex hormone's in a woman's blood may play a role her risk of breast cancer. And those sex hormone levels may show themselves in more obvious ways than once thought — in the form of moles on the skin.
Cervical Cancer Screenings Recommended No Matter the Test
About 12,000 women in the US are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. While there is debate over screening approaches, tests that screen for cervical cancer can catch the disease early when it is easiest to treat.
Health Screenings Every Woman Should Know About
Staying healthy requires being proactive about your health by scheduling and attending necessary health screenings. There are some screenings in particular that every woman should know about.