Health News

Shedding Pounds Between Babies
Being overweight while pregnant can increase several health risks. But after you have your baby, it's not too late to try to lose the pounds if you want to have another.
Packing on the Baby Fat
Mom’s and dad’s habits, decisions and finances generally influence their offspring’s future. Childhood obesity, which is especially high among blacks and Latinos, also is a problem often shaped by parental choice and circumstance.
Women Eat Away Because of Abuse
Women who were abused while growing up may have a higher tendency for addictive relationships with food. This tendency could explain higher rates of obesity in abused women.
Inactivity to Obesity, and Vice Versa
There's a strong link between inactivity and the rising obesity epidemic in the United States. Now it seems that link may be a two-way relationship.
Extra Risks of Extra Pregnancy Pounds
Gaining weight is a natural part of growing a baby in your womb. Being overweight or obese while you are pregnant, however, can carry additional risks for your pregnancy.
Obesity Breaks Young Female Hearts
When body mass index is high, so is the likelihood of heart attack or stroke. Obesity, however, isn’t just an older person’s problem. The threat extends to individuals who are much younger.
More C-Sections for Overweight Moms
Women are supposed to gain weight during a healthy pregnancy. But weighing too much at the start or gaining too much weight during pregnancy may increase certain risks.
The Weighty Issue of Ovarian Cancer
Loads of health problems have been linked to obesity in recent medical studies. Fortunately, ovarian cancer and obesity don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.
You’re Never Too Old To Drop A Few
Rates of obesity, as well as risky health factors associated with obesity, increase with age. But is weight loss safe for people over 65? Under medical supervision, the answer is yes.
Slimming Down Can Keep Heart Beating Right
Young people that suffer from obesity may think they are healthy enough. But their obesity is putting them at risk for diseases usually found in older people.