Health News

Safety First Means Sober Driving
Sober drivers get in car crashes every day. Adding alcohol, drugs or prescription medications to the equation can really compound the risk for winding up in a wreck.
Binge Drinking: A Global Issue
Having a glass of wine with dinner is not the same as throwing back five rounds in one night. Across the globe, many people don’t drink, but those who do may be drinking too much.
Whiskey & Diet Coke; No Make That Soda Water
Diet soda can help cut the calories in cocktails, but can also put a person over the legal alcohol limit without them ever knowing it. Yes, regular and diet soda do affect the body differently.
Checked Your Teens' Texts Lately?
Who would have thought a text message could put a teen on a sex offender list? Yet this is one of the more extreme possible consequences of the increasing trend of " sexting ."
Teen Drinking & Driving - Dumb!
Teen drinking and driving is a major public health concern.  The fear of consequences does seem to motivate teens to behave. However, over the last 10 years, teen drinking and driving rates has notably decreased.
One Drink is One Too Many During Pregnancy
If you're thinking just one beer or just a single glass of wine during pregnancy can't hurt, think again. A new study reveals that every drop counts.