Health News

Gardening for Better Health
The benefits of high-impact exercise, like running, swimming and biking, is well documented. Recent research suggests that less active non-exercise activities may provide significant health benefits as well.
Seniors Weighing Heart Health Options
Keeping the heart and circulatory system healthy is important for everyone, but it is especially important for older adults. The American Heart Association recently released a new scientific statement on seniors and their heart health.
Obesity Weighs Heavily on Kid Hearts
An estimated one out of three children is overweight or obese in the US. To address this problem, many pediatricians from around the country gathered to discuss approaches that may help.
Breaking Bad Behaviors: Docs Urged to Act
The American Heart Association has looked at poor diet and seen the damage it has done. Healthcare providers are being called on to treat unhealthy behaviors as aggressively as physical risk factors.
Exercise for RA: Heart and Lungs Benefit
Rheumatoid arthritis can cause pain and tenderness in joints, so patients frequently become sedentary. A new study may give people with the disease a new reason to move.
240 Minutes a Week to Keep BP Normal
More is usually better when it comes to exercise and physical activity. But even a few hours every week can have an impact on your weight, mood and, as new research shows, blood pressure.
Exercise as Disease Treatment?
Going for a run, swimming laps, or riding a bike can be a healthy way to feel better and stay at a healthy weight. But can it be a treatment plan for disease as well?
Get Moving on World Heart Day
As James Brown says, “Get up offa that thing.” On September 29, World Heart Day, the World Heart Federation (WHF) encourages everyone to think of heart health and get moving.
Staying Fit to Fend off Illness
The risk for various health problems increases with age. But there are steps people can take to help minimize these risks, and exercise seems to be one of those steps.
Walk to Work for Your Heart
Besides saving money on gas and avoiding traffic jams, walking or biking to work may have considerable health benefits.