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Working Up a Sweat to Stave Off Stroke
A stroke can be a scary, even deadly, medical emergency. But before this emergency strikes, there are several lifestyle changes that can help people lower their risk of stroke. Some regular exercise may be one of those changes.
Is There an A for Effort with Exercise?
In order to reap the health benefits associated with exercise, you may need to change the intensity of your workouts.
If Your Heart Stops, Gym May Be the Best Place to Be
As the name implies, sudden cardiac arrest can happen anytime, any place and without warning. The odds of survival, though, may be greater if it strikes at a fitness facility.
Active Child Makes for an Active Heart
It’s not news that physical activity is good for the body and can prevent a number heart and health problems in adults. The  same thing can now be said for kids — that  exercise and physical activity could protect young ones from  heart disease. 
Break a Sweat and Bust a Stroke
Exercise until you sweat, and you can send your stroke risk running. Sweating during physical activity is a sign that you're getting an aerobic workout, and that can offer protection to your heart.
Making Changes for a Healthier Heart
You may have more power to improve your heart health than you think. By eating healthier foods, hitting the treadmill, and quitting tobacco, you could be doing your heart a world of good.
Diet, Exercise and Matters of the Heart
Diabetes patients who are overweight or obese are often advised to lose weight. Doing so may not only help them control diabetes, but can also protect the heart. But is that protection long-lasting?
Teens Can Improve Heart Health
Heart health starts with good habits during your teenage years. American teens may need to learn better heart healthy habits to maintain good health into adulthood.
Using Your Feet to Build Up Weak Legs
Limbs slowed and weakened by arteries with plaque build-up can benefit from exercise. Sometimes, patients with those problems have no choice but to create their own exercise plans.
Exercise: Spread It Out Or All At Once?
Many Americans may find it hard to fit exercise time into their busy schedules. But if they can free up just a few hours each week, they may get all the exercise they need to avoid some serious health problems.