Health News

Common Lice Treatment Approved as OTC
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a common lice treatment to be available over-the-counter (OTC).
Shedding Light on Lice
With the start of the new school year and as the fall approaches, children may be more likely to come into contact with head lice.
Picking Nits with Hair Conditioner
Getting the eggs from head lice (nits) out of a child’s hair will likely never be fun, but one new study has found a method that may make the process easier.
Stronger is Better to Kill Lice
When it comes to lice medicine, applying more doesn't mean it will work better. But stronger doses of a particular lice-killing lotion may reap benefits over weaker dosages.
Close-"Nit" Combs Get It Done
When killing lice isn't an option, consumers just want the best way to comb them out. Metal combs with close-knit teeth are the best option, a new study has found.
Itch Stops Here
It can be hard to kill the tiny bloodsuckers invading kids' hair. And with the chemicals involved, safety of the lice treatment can come into question. But a new study has found that on-the-hair treatments with ivermectin can be used safely and it works well.
Oral Lice Medicine Works as Lotion
Head lice can be an icky problem for families to deal with. Plus, lice and their eggs are becoming more resistant to typical treatments.
Kill the Itch
Your kids are well into school now, and so come the germs, snotty tissues, and creepy-crawly head lice. What do you do when your kids' get the bugs?