Health News

How Screen Time Might Affect Teenage Bones
Some teens act like they can't live without their phones, tablets or computers. But parents may be wise to set screen-time limits.
Parent Age and Autism Risk
You may have heard that an older mom's age may influence her child's risk for autism, but babies born to teen moms and older dads may also be at risk.
How Pollution Could Affect Your Baby's Development
Pollution exposure is a well-known factor in breathing problems in children, but new evidence suggests it may also contribute to other health issues.
Sleeping on the Sofa May Be Dangerous for Infants
Parents often lay infants on the sofa to keep an eye on them while tending to other things. But new research suggests doing so could be dangerous to the baby.
20 Years of Marijuana Research Summarized in New Report
States across the US continue to debate the merits of allowing medicinal and, in some cases, recreational marijuana use. Yet there’s still uncertainty about the long-term health impacts of cannabis.
When Mom or Dad Is in Prison
Having a parent in prison can mean hardships for the entire family. But those challenges may not go away when the parent is released. There may be long-term consequences for the kids.
Sick Longer = Kids in Hospital Longer
Health problems that stick around the longest can keep patients at the hospitals longest, at least for the kids.
A+ in Fitness
Here's another incentive for students to get fit and stay that way as they head back to school: better grades.
What’s In My Toothpaste?
Have you ever read your toothpaste’s ingredient list? Probably not. But if you did, you’d most likely find triclosan on the list.
Teen Steroid Abuse
Steroid abuse is always bad, but for teens the damage can be more serious and last longer. Steroids can change the way an adolescent’s brain develops and vital organs function.