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Graduate Kids Sooner to Lidless Cups
What hazards lurk around the home for your baby or toddler? Some of them may be the very items you bought for your child, such as pacifiers, bottles and sippy cups.
Moms - Babies Know Best
Researchers are learning more about how obesity develops from complex factors beyond just eating too much. One factor may be a fear of not having enough food for one's children. A recent study reveals that food insecurity, or the anxiety about whether a person will have enough food to be sure their family is well fed, might play a part in why some children go on to become severely overweight. Follow your doctor's recommendations on feeding your baby. Rachel Gross, MD, an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Children's...
Grandma's Pillbox Isn't Kids' Candy
If you're heading over the river and through to the woods to grandmother's house, make sure grandma has put her medications far out of reach from the little ones.
Teen Athletes Aren't Always Hard-Headed
It may be tempting to knock your teen upside the head sometimes, but it turns out a head injury might cause more problems in adolescents than in adults.
Expectant Moms: Avoid the Heavy Metal
If you're expecting, it's worth investing in a lead inspection of your home. A recent study revealed that inspections before a baby's birth reduce the likelihood they'll get lead poisoning.
Optional Early Baby Delivery Rates Drop
The rate of elective births before 39 weeks has dropped 3 percent since last year among U.S. hospitals, though rates vary dramatically, from under 5 percent to as high as 40 percent.
One Drink is One Too Many During Pregnancy
If you're thinking just one beer or just a single glass of wine during pregnancy can't hurt, think again. A new study reveals that every drop counts.
Possible Measles Exposure in Three U.S. Airports
Health officials are attempting to track travelers who may have been exposed to measles after a passenger who was contagious passed through three major U.S. airports recently.
Oral Food Challenge: It's Not a New Reality Series
Many children are avoiding potentially nutritious food unnecessarily based on incomplete information about possible food allergies, according to a new study from National Jewish Health.
Stay-at-Homes Stay Safe
Asthma, accidents and other health problems are more likely to plague children of working mothers, according to new research from North Carolina State University.