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Weight Loss Surgery for Better Diabetes Outcomes
Type 2 diabetes can lead to kidney failure, heart problems and even blindness. Weight loss surgery might help protect against these diabetes-related health issues.
“Healthy” Vegetable Oils May Harm Heart
Some “healthy” oils may not be as healthy as advertised. While corn and safflower oils may lower cholesterol, they may not protect against heart disease and, in fact, they may do more harm than good.
Heart Disease Risk Higher with Obesity Alone
Many people who are overweight or obese have metabolic syndrome, which increases their risk of developing heart problems. However, even without metabolic syndrome, extra weight may spell trouble for heart health.
Is There an A for Effort with Exercise?
In order to reap the health benefits associated with exercise, you may need to change the intensity of your workouts.
Unchecked Work Stress Can Hurt Your Heart
Unless you’re among that seeming handful of workers who keep their Zen-like attitude no matter what, routine workday stresses can leave you feeling undone.
Obesity Breaks Young Female Hearts
When body mass index is high, so is the likelihood of heart attack or stroke. Obesity, however, isn’t just an older person’s problem. The threat extends to individuals who are much younger.
Light Activity Can Hold Back Heart Attack
While physical activity can help you have a healthy heart, not all activities are the same. While walking and stair climbing may fight heart disease, more intensive activity may not.
Meditation Boosts Heart Health
Meditation may not be high on your to-do list if you have a busy lifestyle. It makes sense to find time to unwind because the added relaxation may offer your heart a boost.
Weight Loss Didn't Cut Diabetic Heart Risk
Losing weight has been shown to reduce the risk of heart problems and other complications of diabetes. However, one weight loss program did not seem to protect diabetes patients from heart-related risks.
Surgery May Cut Diabetic Heart Risk
Weight loss surgery has been shown to be an excellent treatment for obese people with diabetes. Since diabetes can raise the risk of heart disease, it is important to know the heart risks of weight loss surgery.