Health News

Adequate Iodine Essential for Moms
Taking prenatal vitamins is important for all pregnant and breastfeeding women. But even these supplements may not give women enough iodine.
Too Little Sleep, Too Big a Waistline
Kids who don't get enough sleep might drive their parents crazy sometimes, but there could be more at stake. Kids' waistlines could suffer too.
Report Card: US Kids Still Need More Exercise
Childhood obesity has gotten plenty of attention, but are behaviors that may prevent it really changing? A new report explored the state of physical activity among US youth.
Calling Children Fat Won't Protect Them From Obesity
Public anti-obesity efforts often promote weight stigmatization, such as using negative language or offensive stereotypes about obesity. But this view may have detrimental effects, especially in children.
Mom's Weight May Affect Her Child's Weight
Previous studies have shown that the amount of weight that women gain during pregnancy can significantly affect the baby's health. And it's possible that a child's health could be affected throughout childhood and beyond.
Parents' Meal Portions Predicted Kids' Portions
Most kids are pretty good at deciding what foods they will eat. How much they eat, however, is influenced by more than hunger.
Kids' Obesity Numbers Leveling Out
In order to address childhood obesity, it's important to know how many children are obese in the US and whether that number is growing or shrinking.
Exploring the Safety of Walking to School
Walking or riding a bicycle to school is a great way for children to get extra physical activity — but only if it's safe for them to do so.
What's the Cost of Childhood Obesity?
It's no secret that children's waistlines have grown substantially in the US. This obesity problem not only affects children's health, but also affects their families' wallets.
The Importance of Healthy Pregnancy Weight
Obesity can contribute to a range of different health problems, but for pregnant women, those problems may affect two people.