Health News

Hold the Salt, Teens
It is well known that eating excess calories can lead teens to gain weight, but weight may also be related to how much salt is in a teen's diet.
How to Know If Your Child Is Overweight
The first step to recognizing a potential health risk is identifying it. This is particularly important when it comes to individuals recognizing whether they or loved ones are a healthy weight.
Overweight Children May Grow Into Obese Teens
Childhood obesity poses a large health problem for the United States. Yet, there is still very little data on when the risk for obesity begins.
Taking Steps Toward a Healthier Life
Getting enough physical activity each day is an important component to an overall healthy lifestyle. The earlier kids learn this habit, the more likely they will keep it up.
Obese Children Showed Signs of Stress
Stress can affect any of us, and one recent study found that bodies of obese children may be under more hormonal stress than their normal weight peers.
Metformin Led to Little Weight Loss in Children
As childhood obesity in the US has increased in the past decade, researchers have looked for options to treat it. One such option is a medication called metformin.
Exercise to Lower Insulin Resistance in Kids
Many medical conditions do not come on suddenly but instead have warning signs first. Diabetes, for example, starts with increased insulin resistance.
Kids Don't Run Like They Used To
No activity is more familiar to children than running: running on the playground, down the street, in races or though the house. But kids today may not run like they once did.
A Closer Look at Obesity Rates in Kids
Children who are obese tend to be more likely than their peers to remain obese as adults. So, it's helpful to know which children are at higher risk for obesity.
Sesame Street May Help Kids Make Healthy Choices
Parents might try to feed their kids healthy food at home, but those children often will eventually be responsible for making their own healthy choices.