Health News

Different Poor-Health Choices, Similar Outcomes
While low socioeconomic status is often linked to unhealthy behaviors, these unhealthy behaviors range from country to country, according to a new study.
This Bread Rises to the Occasion
Most Americans do not get sufficient amounts of vitamin D, putting them at risk for a number of conditions. New research shows bread made with high vitamin-D yeast could help solve this problem.
Sick and Abused
According to a study by Swedish researchers, children who are chronically ill are much more likely than healthy children to be victims of physical abuse.
Do Fruits Stop the Sneezing?
Antioxidants are believed to reduce airway inflammations. As such, it's not surprising that recent studies have shown that fruits and vegetables, which are high in antioxidants, may reduce allergy risks. However, new research puts into question such findings.
Pass the Salt!
Current guidelines tell diabetes patients to reduce the amount of salt in their diets. However, a new study by Australian researchers challenges this advice.
Take a Load Off
Osteoarthritis knee pain commonly afflicts retired professional athletes but also those who are obese. A simple solution to the problem may exist, however, according to a new study: lose weight.
Getting Started on Delaying Dementia
As life spans continue to increase, so the will risk of dementia in individuals, but new research from Sweden indicates people can minimize this risk.
Public Housing Play Time
According to a recent study, kids who live in urban public housing spend more time playing outside than other urban children.
Drink Up
Low concentrations of the trace element lithium appear to extend life in model organisms and humans alike, according to a new study.
Constipated Classrooms
Elementary school children who don't like fruits and vegetables are 13 times more likely to suffer from functional constipation than those who do, according to a new study.