Health News

Smoking Bans Worked Inside and Outside the Home
A smoker can’t totally kick the habit by only smoking occasionally. Researchers have found that public — and private — smoking policies may work in much the same way.
FDA Examining Antibacterial Soap
While cold and flu season amps up, antibacterial soap can begin to pop up everywhere as a prevention method. But are these products really protecting people?
Defibrillator Might Not Be Dependable
If you are reaching for a defibrillator, the situation is likely one of life or death. But a new announcement warns that a certain type of defibrillator might not perform in that emergency.
Common Chemical in Consumer Goods Tied to Early Birth
Being born too early is a leading cause of death among newborns. So, understanding the causes of preemie births may help doctors prevent more of them.
Air Pollution Might Be Drying Eyes
People's eyes can get dry eye for many different reasons.  According to a new study, one of those reasons may be environmental factors like air quality and atmospheric pressure.
Metal Used in Electronics Linked to Stroke
Current human exposure to the metal tungsten is thought to be low. But increasingly, the metal, which is used in cell phones and computers, is entering the environment and being linked to higher health risks.
Banned Pesticides Linked to Endometriosis
Our environment can affect our bodies in many ways. Even chemicals that were banned decades ago might be affecting some women's health today.
Navigating Kids' Media Wilderness
It's a brave new world of technology and media out there today — and that presents challenges for raising kids in such a media-rich environment.
When Headaches Are a Sign of Poisoning
As the winter months approach and people spend more time inside, hospitals might begin to see more and more cases of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Caregivers' Life Span May Be Longer
As the population ages, more and more people are taking on the role of caregiver, supporting older relatives as they age. It has been suggested that the stress of this role can bring health problems, but a new study found that caregivers may actually live longer.