Health News

The RA Heart Left Unprotected
The inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis can affect more than the joints; it also poses a threat to the heart. When it comes to protecting the heart health of rheumatoid arthritis patients, certain drugs are falling short.
Stopping Heart Attacks at a Cellular Level
A protein embedded in blood vessel walls may be key to preventing second or third heart attacks. Researchers suspect that stopping dangerous cell growth after a vascular injury may be the key to prevention.
Race May Influence Angioplasty
Race may play a role in determining which patients are more likely to need repeated procedures to widen narrowed arteries caused by coronary artery disease.
Young, Healthy and Headed For Heart Disease
A large population of seemingly healthy young adults appear to show discrete signs of heart disease even though they may not have any of the traditional risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
There are many ways to keep your heart healthy. Is sex one of them and is sex even considered exercise? As people get older sex might seem like it’s too strenuous for the heart, but is it?
Stents Help the Medicine Go Down
Patients who have previously suffered from a blood vessel blockage and received a medication-coated stent to prop the artery open may have a lower risk of developing another blockage or having a heart attack.
In the Nick of Time
Heart attack patients with blocked arteries need treatment within 90 minutes. A new study shows that most are receiving it in the recommended amount of time as compared to five years ago.
Determining Genetic Heart Attack Risk
Some patients are simply at a higher risk of heart attacks and blood vessel diseases because of genetics. The problem is that all of those factors aren't known, making it tough for doctors to predict who is at risk.
Fatty Heart is Bad News
When it comes to your body, most types of fat have negative implications. Fat around the heart is no different. It may cause heart disease even in healthy individuals, especially in men.
Limited Stent Use Successful
Some patients with coronary blockage benefit from medicine-coated stents to prop the artery open. A new study confirms stents are safe with limited use.