Health News

Diabetics Doing Better after Blood Flow Fix
When drugs aren't doing the trick to relieve pain from narrowed arteries, doctors may recommend procedures to restore blood flow. For diabetes patients undergoing one of these procedures, outcomes seem to have improved.
Eyes' Signs of Diabetic Heart Problems
Eye damage caused by diabetes is a serious problem on its own. But diabetic eye damage could also be a sign of heart problems to come.
Weight Loss Didn't Cut Diabetic Heart Risk
Losing weight has been shown to reduce the risk of heart problems and other complications of diabetes. However, one weight loss program did not seem to protect diabetes patients from heart-related risks.
Money Matters in Diabetes
Advances in our knowledge and treatment of diabetes have led to better outcomes for patients. Still, there may be a widening gap in outcomes between the rich and the poor.
Intense Blood Pressure Goals in Diabetes
People with diabetes face a higher risk of heart problems. While treating high blood pressure has been shown to protect against these complications, it remains uncertain what blood pressure target is best.
Surgery May Cut Diabetic Heart Risk
Weight loss surgery has been shown to be an excellent treatment for obese people with diabetes. Since diabetes can raise the risk of heart disease, it is important to know the heart risks of weight loss surgery.
Kidney Disease Raises Heart Attack Risk
A human body is a network of interconnected systems. This means one unhealthy organ can cause problems in an entirely different part of the body. Often, it is the heart that takes the blow.
Dark Chocolate's Sweet Treat for the Heart
Yet another study suggests dark chocolate may be a tasty and inexpensive way to protect your heart. Even better for chocolate fans, the new research suggests you should eat it every day.
Air Pollution Increasing Hospitalization Risk
A long-term study of older adults has revealed that extended exposure to fine particle air pollution may result in an increased risk of hospitalization for heart and lung disease or diabetes.
Diabetic Men had More Cardiovascular Events
Men with diabetes may be at increased risk for cardiovascular disease, even if they have no other risk factors. The risk is for diabetic men on insulin therapy and was not as high for men using other therapies for diabetes.