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Migraines Forecast Mood Disorder
If you’ve had a migraine headache in the past there’s a good chance there are more health issues to come, a new study suggests.
One Cure for Crankiness: Drink Water
If you're waiting until you feel thirsty before drinking water, then you're waiting too long. And without proper hydration, you're likely to feel moody, anxious and unable to concentrate.
Mom's Double Whammy: Migraines and Colic
What's worse than a decapitating migraine for a new mom? The nonstop crying of her colicky newborn every night. Turns out the two might be linked.
Fighting Hormonal Migraine Misery
As if the usual monthly routine were not enough for women to deal with, some women are afflicted with what seems a random and heartless combination–menstruation and migraines.
Oh No - Not Again! My Migraine is Back
Migraines can be agonizing for a person. On top of the misery during a migraine episode, concerns about recurrence of headaches soon after an attack are a cruel reality for many.
Brain Pain Ain't from Lupus
People with lupus have to deal with enough pain without worrying about headaches. Even though lupus patients were once told their headaches were caused by their disease, it now seems like they should be treated as a separate problem.
Headaches Common in Women
It can take a while to get back to normal even after a mild traumatic brain injury. Regardless of severity, headaches are common in the year after such an injury.
Natural PMS Relief
If you're a woman, you know those days before the flow can be difficult, even hellish, for you - and those around you. Do not despair, nature has a remedy that's now clinically proven to work.
Genes Linked to Migraines Discovered
For migraine sufferers, the sudden debilitating onset can be excruciating yet unexplained. However researchers have discovered a genetic link that might begin to explain why.
Headaches from the Heart
Of the 15 percent of U.S. children who suffer from migraines, about one-third of all children, have migraines with aura - which involve a set of symptoms such as flashes of light, blind spots, and tingling. New research shows these migraines in children may be related to a certain heart defect.