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Weight Loss Surgery: Living Longer and Dropping Pounds
Weight loss surgery helps patients drop pounds. It helps them look and feel better. And it just might extend their lives.
Can You Be Obese and Healthy?
Making healthy lifestyle changes to lose weight is likely a smart choice for the long-term health of all obese people — even if they don't yet have medical issues related to their weight.
Who Is Protected From Obesity Problems?
Obesity and metabolic problems may not always go hand-in-hand. Some obese people may not develop the metabolic changes that are often tied to obesity.
Experts Weigh in on How to Keep the Pounds Off
In weight loss, the real challenge may come not from shedding the pounds, but from keeping them off. New suggestions from a panel of experts could help people who have lost weight keep the pounds off.
Reduce Screen Time To Trim the Fat
Trimming TV time may take childhood obesity down a notch. To help parents and inactive kids take a stand against childhood obesity, public health experts recommended cutting down screen media time among kids.
Dropping Pounds May Mean Dropping Heart Risks
Extra padding around the tummy may seem harmless, but it could pose some long-term health risks. Luckily, taking measures to reduce belly fat could reduce these risks.
New Report Ranks US States for Healthiness
The United Health Foundation today released its annual state health rankings. The states varied widely, and some national measures of health saw slight improvements.
Keeping Off the Pounds May Add on the Years
Maintaining a healthy weight can take some work, but it can have a big payoff. Those who can keep the pounds off may live years longer than those who are overweight or obese.
Normal Weight Moms Had Healthier Babies
Being healthy doesn't just benefit you — it may benefit your child, too. Mothers-to-be who maintain a healthy weight may boost their child's health as well.
Don't 'Bypass' Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery
Having weight loss surgery can improve obese patients' health, but it isn't a fix-all for health problems tied to being obese. Exercise may improve these patients' overall health even more and lower their risk for diabetes.