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Take a Look at Your Eye Health
We know to brush and floss to keep our teeth in tip-top shape and to eat right and work in some cardio at the gym for our heart's sake. But what about our eyes?
Why Athletes Should Keep an Eye on Their Eyes
In sports, keeping your eyes safe may be just as important as keeping your eyes on the ball, according to a new study.
Keeping an Eye on Infant Eye Disease
For babies at risk of blindness, one common treatment may do more harm than good.
What Eye Drops Could Do for Nearsighted Kids
Rates of nearsightedness, or myopia, have increased dramatically over the last few decades. But new evidence suggests that medicated eye drops may be the key to fighting this global issue.
Seeing Clearly: Kids and the Great Outdoors
Nearsightedness in children is a major problem in some areas of the world. But there may be a simple solution.
Treating Pediatric Uveitis with Humira
Uveitis is a condition in which inflammation occurs deep inside the eye. In children, the condition is more likely to lead to blindness than in adults. For this reason, finding the right treatment for children is critical.
Keeping an Eye Out for the Kids
With all the changes a child faces in the fall, like new classes, new schools and new activities, sometimes changes in vision can be brought to the surface as well.
A Sight for Sore Eyes
Improvements in medical technology and knowledge have meant tremendous progress in taking care of babies born extremely early and/or small. But many of these children still may face future challenges.
From Cataract Surgery to Glaucoma
While surgery can improve the cloudy vision caused by pediatric cataracts, new research suggests it may also increase a child's risk for another eye disease called glaucoma.
A Recess for the Eyes
A lot of kids look forward to recess during school. While spending more time in the great outdoors can allow kids to release that extra energy and give their brains a break, it might also help keep their vision strong and healthy.