Health News

Counting the Ways Kids Could Grow Obese
Many factors influence individuals' weight. The same is true for children. Preventing obesity is easier when we know what factors increase a baby's risk of becoming overweight.
Plugged In, Sleep-Deprived and Obese
Gone are the days when kids might have just had televisions in their bedrooms. Now it's video game consoles, computers, smart phones… and they may have some unintended consequences.
Obese Kids At Risk
It's no secret that adult obesity comes with a slew of health risk factors. But new research shows similar risk factors for young kids with obesity as well.
If You Give a Teen a No-Calorie Drink…
What's the best way to get teenagers to stop drinking so many soft drinks, fruit juices and other sugar-sweetened drinks? Offer them something different.
You KAN-DO It!
It's easier for preschoolers to eat well when families have the tools to think about good nutrition. Moms were able to do so with the KAN-DO program.
Facebook Trumping Exercise Time
Did you Instagram your run today? Or tweet about your walk? Most of the time spent on Facebook and other networking sites could be taking away from your cardio or 30-minute yoga class.
Put the Cigarette Down & No One Gets Fat
If you're thinking of lighting up while a little one kicks in your tummy, this might stop you. Do you want an overweight child?
30-Minutes A Day Will Do It
Who has the time to workout these days? Apparently, it just takes 30-minutes a day, every day to lose a little weight and get healthier.
Antibiotics Linked to Kids' Weight
It's tempting to think that medicine, like antibiotics, can only help people recover from illness. But researchers are still learning about other possible effects of antibiotic use.
Teaching Self-Control
How long can a four-year-old sit in a room with a cookie on the table? The answer depends on how much self-control the four-year-old has.