Health News

Higher Risk of High Pressure for Heavy Kids
While only a small percentage of children have high blood pressure, those who do may face serious health problems. Overweight children may be especially at risk yet show no signs.
Sleep Apnea Risks Not Only for Adults
People with sleep apnea experience pauses in their breathing or shallow breaths while they sleep. In adults, the condition has been linked to diabetes and heart disease, but that link is less clear in younger people with sleep apnea.
The Good and Bad News About Teen Weight
A wide range of public health campaigns have promoted healthier behaviors for teens. These include watching TV less, eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking less soda.
A Big Problem Growing Bigger: Teen Obesity
Concerns about child and teen obesity are not new, but they have been growing. In particular, the number of youth who are severely obese is increasing.
Change Up the Family Routine for Health
There is more to combating obesity than ensuring that children eat healthy food. There are other factors that can increase children's risk of obesity — and they can be addressed within a family.
Obesity Linked to Higher BPA Levels
More and more attention has been focused on the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in recent years. BPA is found in many products, but it's not clear how it might affect the human body.
What Might Breastfeeding Now Mean Later?
Most mothers have the option of feeding their child formula or breastfeeding, or a mixture of both. Choosing breastfeeding might have benefits for children's weight down the line.
A Boy, a Girl and a Scale
Ask 20 people why children are more overweight these days, and you're likely to get 20 answers. And it's possible all of them — or none of them — are correct.
At Last, Obesity Drops in Preschoolers
Tired of hearing all the news about how overweight US children are? Then here's some good news to perk you up — it's getting better.
Even for Tots, Sugary Drinks Mean More Pounds
A tall cup of "bug juice" may call to mind memories of lazy summers during your childhood. But children today have many more options for sugary drinks — and it's making a difference to their waistlines.